Organic Fast-Acting Nitrogen Fertilizer Use on Rice Fields

Fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer for rice productionThe First Organic Fast-Acting Nitrogen Fertilizer for Rice Production

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Organic production of rice has significant fertility limitations due to the fact that pelletized as well as current liquid fertilizer sources must be mineralized into ammonium in flooded, anaerobic fields which limit this process. Poultry litter has been the standard nitrogen source but other products including feather meal, blood meal and fish hydrolysates have been tested with better but still limiting results. The ideal fertilizer for rice production, whether organic or conventional, is an ammonium based fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer which, after application to flooded fields, would be immediately available for uptake and would remain in the system ready for use. Since flooded fields are anaerobic, the ammonium will not be nitrified to nitrate where it can rapidly be lost via denitrification.

Organic Ammoniacal Nitrogen Fertilizer

BioStar Organics is the first to address all the limitations noted above by completely transforming poultry manure into a purified, sprayable organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer having a high soluble ammonium nitrogen level that is certified organic. SuperSix is the only product with a high ammonium fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer base that is OMRI certified with no restrictions and can be successfully used on flooded rice fields. BioStar Organics transforms poultry manure by a high temperature anaerobic digestion process (while collecting methane biogas to produce electricity) followed by proprietary nano-filtration and reverse osmosis technology. Our patent pending high-temperature process eliminates the pathogens in manure. The result is an almost 100% ammonium based liquid organic fertilizer that is approved for use on food crops with no restrictions. This process can also be intensified if the end user needs a high nitrogen level; up to 8% N.

BioStar’s Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Products

BioStar also produces BioComplete, a liquid organic fertilizer blend which combines all the micronutrients and bio-active components of OMRI certified SuperStim organic liquid soil conditioner blended with the fast-acting ammoniacal nitrogen and soluble potash of OMRI certified SuperSix.  You can read a summary of all of our chicken manure organic fertilizers, or view product sheets for all of our types of organic fertilizer.


Nitrogen application rates to rice are highly variable depending upon variety, soil and environmental conditions but an average application of 120 lbs N/Acre to flooded or drained fields is recommended. If applied to flooded fields, the fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer solution will immediately move into and equilibrate with field water. If applied to temporarily drained fields, drill application into the top 3-4 inches is recommended if the fields are going to remain drained for the following several days. If surface applied to drained field, immediate irrigation into the soil profile is recommended.

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