Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

renewable energyBioStar’s facilities qualify for Greenhouse Gas emission reduction offsets (carbon credits) created by collecting, destroying and utilizing methane biogas produced by anaerobic digestion of animal manure, and by managing agricultural waste using sustainable methods. Methane is one of the most destructive greenhouse gases, more potent than carbon. Livestock manures have methane conversion and emission factors that vary by manure management system, by livestock species/category, by manure characteristics, and by climatic conditions.

An ERU – Emission Reduction Unit – equals one ton of CO2 equivalent (CO2 is used as a value unit to measure greenhouse gases. For example one metric ton of methane equals 21 metric tons of CO2).

The application of a BioStar anaerobic digestion system at a one-million hen egg production operation that previously used a wet manure collection and lagoon storage system can generate up to 30,000 ERU’s per year. At BioStar facilities, methane is collected and utilized for renewable energy generation.

Greenhouse gas emission reduction offsets are purchased by companies in order to meet emissions limits, or to be able to inform consumers that they are helping to protect the environment. These carbon credit purchases are used to fund projects which actively reduce greenhouse gases. The carbon credits from the fore-mentioned BioStar facility can generate $240,000 annually if sold at a price of $8.00 per ERU.

More About Carbon Credits & Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction:

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