Organic Fertilizer Distributors



A coast-to-coast national footprint

These leading organic fertilizer distributors have signed pre-commitments for BioStar’s N2PK Fertilizer products. You can contact them to inquire about placing purchase orders, or contact BioStar Organics directly for more information.

“Midwestern BioAg is excited to enter into this venture with BioStar. The BioStar technology offers tremendous potential for supplying organic agriculture with quality fertilizers,” says Daniel Smith, CEO, Midwestern BioAg.


Branded N²PK, BioStar fertilizer is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) as “allowed” and is unrestricted for use in the production of food for human consumption. BioStar’s N²PK SuperSix liquid fertilizer contains more than twice the amount of fast-acting plant available nitrogen than any other fertilizer in the organic food production industry. Now a 100% organic fertilizer can do what, up to this time, only synthetic chemical fertilizers could do!

  • True Organic Products, Helm, CA. is the largest organic fertilizer distributor / manufacturer on the west coast.
  • Midwestern BioAg (MBA), Blue Mounds, WI, operates in 4 states and ships to 22 states. MBA founder Gary Zimmer has published 2 books on the value of the micronutrients contained in BioStar’s fertilizer products. And more than 3,000 agricultural operations are using MBA’s biological farming methods.
  • Purely Organic Products, Portsmouth, NH, is a leading developer / distributor of organic fertilizer products, delivering products to growers and retailers across the U.S. and South America.