N2PK SuperSix 6-0-5 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

N2PK SuperSix 6-0-5 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

N2PK SuperSix 6-0-5 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

The first true 6% N-isotope organic certified and OMRI-listed organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer.  

SuperSix is the first technological enhancement of poultry manure transformed by high-temperature anaerobic digestion resulting in premium liquid organic fertilizer.

Product Features

  • SuperSix is the ONLY “certified” liquid organic source of FAST-ACTING AMMONIACAL NITROGEN fertilizer in this high concentration
  • 6% Fast-acting Ammoniacal Nitrogen:
    • The first CERTIFIED liquid organic fertilizer with 6% plant-available nitrogen … guaranteed!
    • The fastest-acting organic fertilizer in the industry today.
    • Equals the response time and efficacy of synthetic chemical urea.  Now a 100% organic fertilizer can do what, up to this time, only synthetic chemical fertilizers could do!
    • The first organic fertilizer that performs during low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season.
  • Food-safe and OMRI certified for use on fruits and vegetables at any point during the grow cycle, even within days of harvest!

Additional SuperSix Fertilizer Features:

  1. 6% N liquid organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer contains no sodium nitrate (salt).

    Products that add sodium nitrate do so to raise their N percentages. It is a low cost fix to increase nitrogen, however it can only be used as a 20% supply of the overall fertilization. In order to comply with OMRI and NOP regulations, the grower can only use products containing sodium nitrate as 20% of their overall nitrogen application. SuperSix liquid organic fertilizer can be applied as the total source of N.

  2. The nitrogen in SuperSix is ammoniacal.

    The 6% fast-acting ammoniacal nitrogen in SuperSix makes it the fastest-acting organic fertilizer in the industry today. SuperSix equals the response time and efficacy of synthetic chemical urea, proven by research studies and farmers. Ammoniacal nitrogen is quick-release and readily available for use even in the low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season. This allows it to be used anywhere in the U.S., and in some cases, it may be the difference that will allow the grower to plant an additional crop per season.

  3. Easily deliverable. Fertigation-ready

    SuperSix is filtered through a 500-mesh screen and can be applied by any irrigation or fertigation system.

  4. High 5% potash content.

    Most of the products that do not add potash are 1% potash or less. Potash is expensive. We deliver high N and high K in our product at a very competitive price. Potash is currently at $350.00 per ton and has spiked as high as $600.00 per ton when demand is high.

  5. Zero Phosphorous.

    Having zero phosphorous makes SuperSix an excellent professional turf fertilizer for the lawn care and golf industry. The EPA has put demands on the golf industry to limit the amount of phosphorous applied to the courses. They are also mandated to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers by 20%. The EPA has banned the use of fertilizers containing phosphorous on residential property in certain states and soon the ban will be expanded to include all states. Phosphorous leaching is the leading reason for groundwater contamination.

  6. Food-safe and OMRI certified with no restrictions.

    Most organic fertilizers cannot be applied to Tier 1 Fruits and Vegetables within 90 days of harvest.  Our patent pending process eliminates virtually all pathogens and harmful bacteria, resulting in fertilizers that are safe for food crops, including Tier 1 Produce.  It can be applied at any point during the grow cycle, including within days of harvest!  Our high-temperature anaerobic digestion process meets the NOP “Allowed” standard of time and temperature pasteurization for food safety.

  7. Product Availability.

    Most liquid organic fertilizer manufacturers are small operations unable to supply large quantities of product on a timely basis. BioStar will produce 2,000,000 gallons of N²PK SuperSix per year at each facility. That’s 38,461 gallons / week.  We will also produce other types of organic fertilizer.

Major and Minor Nutrients

Total Nitrogen (N) – 6.00%, Ammoniacal Nitrogen – 6.00%, Available Phosphate (P2O5) – < 0.10%, Soluble Potash (K2O) – 5.00%, Contains 18% Carbon


Iron – 76 ppm, Boron – 8 mg/kg

Physical Properties

Suspended Solids – 2,000 ppm, Dissolved Solids – 700,000 ppm, Organic Matter – 75%, Pounds per Gallon – 10.0 @ 68° F

Additional Details

SuperSix is a honey-colored, translucent, liquid organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer that will flow freely through irrigation / fertigation delivery systems as well as drip tape delivery fertigation systems. It will not clog, has a very low non-offensive odor, and is concentrated. SuperSix will meet the NOPA requirements for organic farming and will also comply with OMRI certification criteria. By concentrating, we reduce water content in the liquid to reduce our shipping costs. SuperSix is the best in class organic liquid fertilizer for certified organic growers and also the perfect organic input for conventional growers. SuperSix is easy to handle, will not settle, and has a very low freezing temperature. SuperSix is pathogen and harmful bacteria free because our high-temperature anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens in manure. It is a revolutionary fertilizer that delivers great results and higher crop yields.

Professional Turf Applications

SuperSix is the perfect organic liquid professional turf fertilizer for the Professional Turf industry. In studies conducted at the University of Illinois by Professor Tom Fermanian Ph.D., N²PK SuperSix performed at the same level as very high nitrogen synthetic chemical fertilizers in comparative side-by-side analysis.

Results showed that SuperSix worked as fast, lasted longer, and provided the same rich color as the synthetic chemical fertilizer. These results are significant in that now a 100% organic fertilizer can do what, up to this time, only synthetic chemical fertilizers could do. Organic fertilizers are safe for people, the environment and animals. The use of this fertilizer will help golf courses meet the compliance requirements to become Audubon sanctioned venues.

Recommended Applications – for Tier 1 Fruits & Vegetables that go directly to your dinner table
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Oranges, Table Grapes – and also for Wine Grapes, Rice, Professional Turf

Product Downloads

Product Sheet

MSDS Sheet

OMRI Certificate

Organic Integrity Test

Innoculation Test

Chemical Analysis

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