BioComplete 4-0-3 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

BioComplete 4-0-3 Liquid Organic Fertilizer

BioComplete 4-0-3 is a blend of our chicken manure liquid organic fertilizers: organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer SuperSix and our organic liquid soil conditioner SuperStim, making it the best choice of available organic fertilizers. It is an all-in-one package for farmers, gardeners, and turf and lawn professionals who want one liquid organic fertilizer that provides all the nutrients their soil and plants require.

BioComplete 4-0-3 combines all the micronutrients and bio-active components of OMRI certified SuperStim blended with the fast-acting ammoniacal nitrogen and soluble potash of OMRI certified SuperSix. BioComplete is derived from poultry manure transformed by high-temperature anaerobic digestion and the patent-pending BioStar™ process.  The anaerobic digestion process destroys pathogens in manure, resulting in an organic fertilizer that is food-safe and approved for use on fruits and vegetables at any point during the grow cycle!

Liquid Organic Fertilizer: Fast Results and Lasting Benefits:

  • 3% Fast-Acting Ammoniacal Nitrogen

    • Performs during the low ambient and soil temperatures of the early season
    • Equals the response time and efficacy of synthetic chemical urea
  • 1% Slow-Release Organic Nitrogen plus 1% Natural Humates

    • Improves soil structure
    • Promotes plant growth
    • Improves water-holding capacity and drought resistance
    • Acts as a storehouse of minerals
    • Increases nutrient availability and utilization
  • 18 Essential Amino Acids, 40 Fatty Acids and Bio-active Lipids

    • Relieves environmental stress
    • Suppresses disease and reduces insect activity
  • Safe and Environmentally Responsible

    • Regular application can reduce or eliminate use of synthetic fungicides.
    • BioComplete is the only high-nitrogen organic liquid fertilizer with ZERO % Phosphate (P2O5) along with 3% Potash (K2O). Most states have banned the use of phosphate in non-food production agriculture and professional horticulture.
    • Pathogen-free BioComplete meets the NOP “Allowed” standard of time and temperature pasteurization for food safety
    • BioComplete is filtered through a 500-mesh screen and can be applied by any irrigation or fertigation system

Major and Minor Nutrients

Total Nitrogen (N) – 4.00%, Ammoniacal Nitrogen – 3.00%, Slow-Release Nitrogen – 1.00%, Available Phosphate  – (P2O5) – 0.40%, Soluble Potash (K2O) – 3.00%, Sulfur0 – .10%, Calcium0 – .50%


Zinc – 80 mg/kg, Iron – 140 ppm, Manganese – 40 ppm, Copper – 10 mg/kg, Boron – 4 mg/kg, Molybdenum – 2 mg/kg

Physical Properties

Suspended Solids – 40,000 ppm, Dissolved Solids – 370,000 ppm, Organic Matter – 70%, Pounds per Gallon – 10.0 @ 68° F

Product Downloads

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