Anaerobic Digestion Process

Anaerobic Digestion Process

BioStar Organics’ patent pending anaerobic digestion process is revolutionary technology which converts manure into high-quality, food-safe organic fertilizer and electricity.

The anaerobic digestion process works similar to an animal’s natural digestive system, where enzymes break down organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Methane and ammonia are two primary by-products of the process. The methane biogas is used for renewable fuel, electricity or compressed natural gas. The nitrogen in the ammonia, along with the other macro and micro nutrients, is processed through BioStar’s patented nutrient recovery process into chicken manure organic fertilizer products.  Bacteria and pathogens in manure are eliminated, so the resulting fertilizer is safe to handle and safe to use on food crops, OMRI certified for organic use with no restrictions.  The anaerobic digestion process works well with organic feedstocks with a high moisture content, such as laying hen manure. Clean water is also a by-product of BioStar’s nutrient recovery system, reducing water pollution in the surrounding ecosystem. This wastewater reduction leads to lower wastewater treatment costs.

BioStar’s anaerobic digestion process technology provider is UTS-Biogas, a division of U.S. based Anaergia.


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