Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizers

Premium Organic Fertilizers

BioStar™ Organics produces a wide variety of organic fertilizer products derived from chicken manure under its N²PK Organics brand. Our patent pending technologies have taken common poultry manure to a level not seen in the organic fertilizer marketplace. They are produced using revolutionary technologies that benefit farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole.  All of our chicken manure organic fertilizer products are pathogen and harmful bacteria free, OMRI certified with no restrictions, because the BioStar anaerobic digestion process destroys the pathogens in manure.   You can find product sheets for all of our types of organic fertilizer products in one place by clicking here, or click on the pictures above to learn more about each fertilizer.

N²PK produces both a liquid and a granular chicken manure organic fertilizer as well as an organic soil conditioner. The liquid SuperSix 6-0-5 NPK organic fertilizer is a scientific breakthrough product. It is the first of its kind, a manure-based liquid 100% organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer. SuperSix delivers fast-acting ammoniacal nitrogen, zero phosphorous and 5% potash.  It is food-safe and approved for use on fruits and vegetables at any point during the grow cycle, even within days of harvest!

SuperSix 6-0-5 Liquid Fertilizer

SuperSix is a honey-colored, translucent, liquid organic ammoniacal nitrogen fertilizer that will flow freely through irrigation / fertigation delivery systems, as well as drip tape delivery fertigation systems. It will not clog and has a very low non-offensive odor, a revolutionary improvement on traditional chicken manure organic fertilizers. SuperSix will meet the NOPA requirements for organic farming and is an OMRI certified organic fertilizer. By concentrating, we reduce water content in the liquid to reduce our shipping costs. SuperSix is the best in class organic liquid fertilizer for certified organic growers and also the perfect organic input for conventional growers. SuperSix is easy to handle, will not settle, and has a very low freezing temperature. SuperSix delivers proven results and higher crop yields.  It also performs during low temperatures, extending the growing season.

SuperSix is the perfect organic liquid professional turf fertilizer for the Professional Turf industry. In studies conducted at the University of Illinois by Professor Tom Fermanian Ph.D., N²PK SuperSix performed at the same level as very high nitrogen synthetic chemical fertilizers in comparative side-by-side analysis. Results showed that SuperSix worked as fast, lasted longer, and provided the same rich color as the synthetic chemical fertilizer. These results are significant in that now a 100% organic fertilizer can do what, up to this time, only synthetic chemical fertilizers could do. Organic fertilizers are safe for the people, environment and animals. The use of this fertilizer will help golf courses meet the compliance requirements to become Audubon sanctioned venues.

SuperStim Liquid Poultry Soil Conditioner

N²PK SuperStim is an organic, pathogen-free, soil bio-stimulant / liquid soil conditioner with a natural balance of major nutrients.  It delivers a concentrated package of micronutrients and organic matter. Regular application of SuperStim will improve soil health, stimulate plant growth, and reduce plant diseases. SuperStim is food-safe, and it is OMRI-listed for organic use without restriction.

SuperStim is the first liquid chicken manure soil bio-stimulant.  It stimulates microbial activity in soil with its 18 essential amino acids, over 40 different high-energy fatty acids, fast-acting and slow-release nitrogen, soluble humates and calcium.

BioComplete 4-0-3 Liquid Fertilizer

BioComplete 4-0-3 is a blend of our liquid chicken manure organic fertilizer SuperSix and our organic soil conditioner SuperStim making it the best choice of available organic fertilizers. It is an all-in-one package for farmers, gardeners, and turf and lawn professionals who want one liquid organic fertilizer that provides all the nutrients their soil and plants require. BioComplete 4-0-3 combines all the micronutrients and bio-active components of OMRI certified SuperStim blended with the fast-acting ammoniacal nitrogen and soluble potash of OMRI certified SuperSix.

OrGran 3-8-5 Granular NPK fertilizer

N²PK OrGran 3-8-5 granular NPK fertilizer is a 100% organic-processed manure-based fertilizer. This granular fertilizer is a long-lasting, slow release fertilizer with a high level of phosphorous. It is designed for use in agriculture and in horticulture for flowers and plants. OrGran can be easily drop spread or used in side dress applications. OrGran has low odor, balanced PH and is pathogen-free.

SuperSpike Organic/Synthetic Hybrid 18-0-5

N²PK SuperSpike is formulated to support emerging sustainable methods in the conventional agriculture industry.  It is an excellent high nitrogen lawn fertilizer and has many other agricultural uses.  We start with our rapid-acting liquid organic chicken manure fertilizer SuperStim.  It is then augmented with urea to bring the soluble nitrogen levels up to 18%, ensuring rapid greening and growth while organically stimulating soil microbial activities/populations which ultimately results in significant increases in overall soil health and productivity.

SuperSpike is a natural liquid fertilizer for those who want the best fertilizer but don’t require a completely organic product.

Professional Turf

N²PK Organics fertilizers and soil conditioners have been proven to out-perform traditional synthetic fertilizers in professional turf applications! The use of our chicken manure organic fertilizers will help golf courses meet the compliance requirements to become Audubon sanctioned venues.  Read more about research studies and recommended applications for golf courses, lawn care, and sports turf.


BioStar™ Organics produces all of their products utilizing revolutionary technologies that benefit farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole.

BioStar™ Organics’ innovative organic fertilizer technologies benefit the environment in multiple ways.  The anaerobic digestion process is a responsible agricultural waste management system which results in wastewater reduction, greenhouse gas emission reduction and agricultural runoff pollution prevention.   Additionally, the methane biogas that is produced is used for renewable energy generation, reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.