Agricultural Waste Management

BioStar’s revolutionary waste-to-energy technology offers a responsible, organic agricultural waste management system which digests agricultural waste and utilizes the byproducts for renewable energy generation and chicken manure organic fertilizers. The BioStar anaerobic digestion process benefits farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole!

Our agricultural waste management system solves many of the environmental issues which poultry and livestock farmers contend with, and it produces high-quality, food-safe organic fertilizers.   Agricultural runoff and wastewater reduction benefits the surrounding ecosystem, and clean water is recovered from BioStar’s nutrient recovery system.  The pathogens in manure are also destroyed, resulting in the first food-safe, liquid organic fertilizer which preserves the nutrient benefits of poultry manure while eliminating the disadvantages of using manure as fertilizer.  It can be applied to fields and gardens without polluting our waterways, soil or food!

Greenhouse gas emission reduction also occurs because the methane that is naturally released when biomass such as manure and agricultural waste decomposes is captured.  The methane biogas replaces fossil fuels when used as a renewable fuel, and it is considered carbon neutral.  Plus the naturally-occurring bacteria used in BioStar Organics’ anaerobic digestion process is a commercially viable carbon sequestration technology, consuming carbon as the manure is digested.  We are proud to be the first organic fertilizer manufacturer to utilize revolutionary manure anaerobic digestion technology to enhance poultry manure, creating premium organic fertilizers which benefit our ecosystem!