Welcome To BioStar Organics: Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer

BioStar: Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer

BioStar™ Organics is a waste-to-energy organic fertilizer manufacturer focused on converting livestock manure into premium organic fertilizers and electricity.  We utilize a revolutionary high-temperature anaerobic digestion process.  The resulting fertilizers are the first pathogen-free, food safe chicken manure organic fertilizers approved for use on produce, lawns and golf courses.  They have been proven to out-perform traditional synthetic fertilizers in many applications, increasing plant productivity.

The process we use to manufacture organic fertilizer is also a responsible agricultural waste management technology that benefits farms, their local communities, and the greater eco-system as a whole.  The sustainable process reduces greenhouse gases, water pollution, pathogens and waste.  The methane biogas byproduct is captured and used to create renewable energy.

BioStar is an organic fertilizer manufacturer dedicated to providing sustainable solutions.